Ben Guo

Hi there, my name is Junbin Guo, but I prefer to go by Ben. I am a senior at San Marino High School(SMHS) located in Los Angeles, California. I have a strong passion for computer science and enjoy programming as a whole.


Math Team

I am a member of SMHS's math team, in which I participate in weekly meetings in order to prepare for competitions in the BML, or Bay Math League. I participate in the 10, 11, and 12th grade tests, as well as the AMC 12.

Science Team

I am also a member of SMHS's science team, in which I participate in weekly meetings in order to prepare for competitions in the SCIOLY, or Science Olympiad. I participate in Astronomy, Codebusters, and Detector Building. In addition to these events, I have competed in the USNCO, or the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad.


I am an organizer of TitanHacks. At my school, many students associate programming with undecipherable useless nonsense, rather than what it actually is: a tool to make. At TitanHacks, we introduce members to concepts and tools and foster an environment of creativity so that, hopefully, members will be self-motivated to learn and produce. We finished the 2019-2020 school year with a publicly availible online hackathon.

Memorable/Significant Experiences

Caltech: ID Tech Camps

During the summer of my jump from middle school to high school, I participated in 2 ID Tech Camps at Caltech. Both courses were a week long, with one focused on Java and the other on Python. These two courses are the two of my most important experiences, as they hooked my attention and got me into programming and computer science.

Caltech STEM Research Course

It seems that all my experiences have to do with Caltech somehow; oh well. In my junior in high school(current year), I enrolled into my school's Caltech STEM Research Program, in which different groups teamed up with Caltech professors and mentors in discovering various topics of research. My group, the Machine Learning group, was fortunate enough to have Dr. Babak Hassibi to guide us in researching many ML areas such as Graph Clustering and Neural Networks.

CodeDay LA

I participated in the 2020 Codeday LA from Feburary 15-16 as a volunteer. I got to witness many CS and programming enthusiasts code games, interfaces, and other programs that was in correspondence with their passion. I helped participants in developing their projects, but I feel that I learned the most out of everyone. 10/10, would definitely go again!

Summer Research Opportunities

Fun Facts

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Github: benguo2003

Email: benguo2003713

Facebook: benguo2003